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Bella Figura 
Bella Figura
Just the thing to make a good impression are a pair of our Pasanella & Figlio organic wines (one white & one red) nestled in one of our signature wooden boxes.

Our wine director Ryan particularly appreciates that the red's a wine that EVERYBODY can agree on. A smartly-made sangiovese blend that works with all kinds of food but is just as easy to drink by itself. He says: "It's a deceptively simple wine with great character that tells you all about the place that it comes from. It has that little bit of everything that people love about Tuscan reds: lush but subtle fruit, an earthen quality that persists but by no means runs the show, and a food friendliness that, going into the cool weather months, is unparalleled."

The wine is an IGT (which stands for "Indicazione Geografica Tipica", a quality designation that guarantees a wine's provenance) from the Southern Tuscany's Maremma area, best known for super-expensive super-Tuscans like Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Tiganello. Ideal for holiday parties.

The white, 100% vermentino, the varietal used in Italy's most beloved summer wines and indigenous to Southern Tuscany's Maremma region. As with our red, we have focussed on bringing you another great-tasting, great-value, organic wine. Just like our Rosso, our Bianco is an IGT, which stands for "Indicazione Geografica Tipica", a quality indication that a wine's provenance is guaranteed from that region.

"Fruit-y freshness with a clean tang," describes the taste, says Ryan Ibsen, our Wine Director, adding: "You smell lemons, even almonds but you also taste minerality." Fermented in stainless steel with native yeasts, it has a zesty purity that Ryan says "reflects its origins almost transparently."

I associate Vermentino with langorous summer lunches by the beach in Tuscany's Versilia. Under the tende, we eat fresh fritto misto as we slake our thirsts with well-chilled glasses of this quintessential Italian white. Even when I'm sitting on South Street, a sip of Vermentino takes me back to those barefoot afternoons by the sea. I hope you find it similarly transporting.



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