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Back to Work!

The harvest has started; the kid's back in school and we've got big plans for the Fall.
We have been broadening our selection. You can see the latest here
And you will see more over the coming months.

We've also increased our free tastings. Now, we will be opening newest arrivals
and favorites on Fridays 5-7PM, in addition to Saturdays 4-6PM. Sip 'n' Sails,
our two-hour tastings aboard the schooner Pioneer, also continue through October 1.
Please see the Seaport Museum website for further details.
Hope to see you either aboard or in the enoteca.

In the meantime, please let us now if there are wines/grape varietals/regions/events
you want to see in the store--or with any suggestions about how to improve
Pasanella & Son, in general. Feel to email me personally at



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